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    LUCAS NANO 300 offers a wide range of ports for nearly every conceivable source from keyboard, mixer, microphone and acoustic guitar to an MP3 or CD player. Two Lucas Nano 300s can be doubled up to create a more powerful stereo system. The two mixers communicate via the link cable, giving you twice the output power and number of input channels.
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    The handy roller bag carts your LUCAS NANO 300 to its destination in style.
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    LUCAS NANO 600 is even more lavishly appointed: Inputs 1 and 2 afford you even greater flexibility by providing enough channels for a vocal duo with accompaniment or two acoustic guitarists with an additional vocalist. On top of that, it furnishes phantom power for condenser microphones.
  • hk-lucas-nano-sterio-stand-add-1
    This set consists of two adjustable speaker tripods and two speaker cables in a gig bag.
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    HK LUCAS NANO 608i

    HK Audio’s LUCAS NANO 608i is the first all-in-one PA to feature an onboard iPad-enabled mixer. With eight channels, impressive reverb programs, intuitive EQ and compressor functions, and convenient Bluetooth streaming, this new top-liner among end-to-end systems makes professional wireless mixing easier than ever.
  • pl110fa-4pl110fa-2

    HK PL 110 FA

    A powered enclosure loaded with a 10" woofer, the Pulsar PL 110 FA delivers remarkably assertive and low-ranging bass response yet leaves a small footprint. Rated for 1,000 watts and equipped with the latest DSP technology, it renders fullrange signals with punch and authority.
  • hk-pl112fa-3hk-pl112fa-2

    HK PL 112 FA

    An active cabinet loaded with a 12” speaker, the Pulsar PL 112 FA delivers a whopping 1,000 watts and features three inputs. Its remarkable dynamic range and definition, paired with its compact dimensions and surprisingly manageable weight, set it apart from the crowd of competitors.
  • hk-pl115fa-1hk-pl115fa-3

    HK PL 115 FA

    An active cabinet loaded with a 15” woofer, the Pulsar PL 115 FA features a muscular 1,000-watt power amp and an input section sporting three inputs. Although much the same size and weight as the PL 112 FA, the PL 115 FA offers added headroom for the bass frequencies and low mids.
  • hk-pl118-sub-a-3hk-pl118-sub-a-1

    HK PL 118 SUB A

    An active unit loaded with an 18" subwoofer, the Pulsar PL 118 SUB A features a 600-watt amp. It renders higher-register bass tones with plenty of snap despite its remarkably low-ranging response. The hybrid design featuring a bass reflex port with resonator chamber delivers impressive SPL paired with a hair-trigger response to sub-bass frequencies.